Antiques – A Story Book Setting


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When I visit my favorite antique store in Cleveland, Mitchell Sotka, Ltd. ( I feel like there’s a Story Book behind every piece. I wonder who carried that purse or wore that jewelry to what event. Where did that suitcase travel? Did that lamp light a special room for a special guest?

I imagine that on each antique there was one small detail that made it special.

One page in a book.


The crystal on a chandelier – or the rainbow on the wall from that crystal on that chandelier.


A delicate little hand-painted flower on a teacup.


How did that frame on that picture get cracked?


There could be an entire Girl With The Pearl Earring novel behind a set of pate spreaders or napkin rings.



I know the antiques or vintage pieces are only worth what someone else will pay for them, but how do you put a price tag on the history of someone’s memories?



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