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Cyclamen come in a variety of colors; red, white, light pink, lavendar, dark pink, watermelon and sometimes two-toned.  Pretty heart-shaped blooms in dense foliage make this a favorite plant throughout the year.

There are a few basic rules to keep cyclamen blooming.

Cyclamen prefer cool temperatures.  Clay pots keep the plant cool, so a clay pot is preferred over a plastic container.

Cyclamen have a “corm” also known as a “tuber” in the center of the plant.  Do not water into the center of the plant because it will rot out the corm.  Always water cyclamen around the edge of the pot so you don’t rot the corm.  Don’t overwater and don’t let them sit in water.  If they are thirsty they’ll droop, but once watered again they’ll perk up in no time.

Cyclamen do not like a hot direct sunlight because they don’t like the heat.  A bright window is perfect.  Southern exposure usually will give you plenty of light without hot sun.

Follow these three tips and you can keep your cyclamen blooming for years.