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I went on a walk in the country a few weeks ago.  It’s fun to open your mind and your eyes to everything around you.  There are some things we have taken for granted for years and are just now starting to appreciate, or the lack of.  Like honeybees.

I was sitting in a patch of clover…



and there were honeybees everywhere…

RedCottageHoneybee - Copy


And lightning bugs.  There are sooooooo many at night, it looks like sparks in the tall grasses.

Lightning bug


And who knows what kind of beetles?   I recognize the flowers, like cottage yarrow..


Cottage Yarrow





Bee balm, also known as monarda…

Bee Balm


Different stages of thistle..

.Thistle 1




Thistle 2


thistle 3

thistle 4


Yellow finches love the flowered thistle…

yellow finch


And flowers I didn’t know…

Yellow wild flowers

Yellow flowers

And wild berries…



 Berry Branch


And wild animals like deer…




Roberts Birds 064 HawkSky


And, of course, cows.


RedCottageHiMr.Cow - Copy