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Ten drops of nectar yield one drop of honey.

1000 Flowers yield one drop of beeswax.

Ten drops of honey yield one drop of beeswax

There are thousands of drops of beeswax.

Ten flowers can yield one drop of nectar.

One bee can hold one drop of nectar per trip.


Honeybee on Clover

Bee In Flower

Bee in rose of Sharon.

Bizzy Beez

Bee approaching salvia.

Bee on Thistle

Bee on thistle.

Bee On Salvia

Bee on salvia.

Bee on Wildflower

Bee on wildflower.

Bees on Sweet Peas

Bee on sweet peas.

Bee on Petunia

Bee in a petunia.

Bees in Hosta

Bee in a hosta.

Bee on RoseOfSharon

Bee on a rose of sharon.

Bee on Salvia (2)

Bee on salvia

Bee on Trumpet Vine (2)

Bee on a trumpet vine.

Bee on Queen Ann's Lace

Bee on Queen Anne’s Lace.

Bees on Sweet Pea Vine

Bee on a sweet pea vine.

Bee Incoming

Incoming bee.