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I have been working for many years…I have worked for major corporations and have owned 3 small businesses…owning a small business is an exciting and fulfilling way to live. But it is not easy! I currently own and operate my small flower shop in Rocky River. This is the second time I have been an independent florist in Rocky River. Two years ago I made the decision to leave corporate America and control my own destiny. There is nothing more inspiring than helping families celebrate the important events in their lives with flowers….my customers are important to me personally. It is challenging to compete with the big warehouse stores and supermarkets that offer discounted flowers every day. Everyone tries to save money and sadly, think they are shopping wisely when they compare only prices. Flowers are a beautiful and economical way to celebrate, communicate, and decorate. Nothing brightens your day like a bouquet of fresh flowers! Flowers from a local small florist like mine are fresh from the finest growers in the world. I bring flowers daily from The Netherlands and buy from greenhouses in this area. It is my mission to source the best products for my customers….buying local is personal and responsible. Everyone deserves good service and attention…. local merchants provide the level of service and value that we expect and deserve. My customers come to me because I know them, know their families and friends, and can meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Local businesses are connected to their customers and community in a very personal way that no corporation can.

Local businesses make a community strong and unique. There is a strong farm-to-table movement in this country as more and more residents of small towns realize how important our local businesses are for everyone. Buying from a local small business helps everyone in the area. Our quality of life is enhanced on every level if our small business community is strong. Driving through the downtown of every small town in America tells the story of that town. A vibrant and active retail area means the community is healthy and growing. When we choose a place to buy a home, we look for a community with good stable property values…..strong merchants make strong towns. Buying local is personal and the money spent in local shops stays local. Local businesses hire local people who pay local taxes and support other local businesses. Supporting local artisans encourages creative people to stay in your community. It is a perfect example of how a strong economy works.

We live in a changing world with a changing economy. We all want to live in a clean, safe, and healthy community. We deserve good quality products at competitive prices…. we also have an obligation to support local businesses that keep the local economy strong and growing. Supporting local business is an investment in our future.