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You know how you’re driving along in the country and you see a farm with cows or horses and a beautiful farm house and they have a red barn, acreage and a silo?  I think about the pie that’s being baked with the fresh eggs from their chickens.  I think about the large country kitchen where mom is baking that pie.  Blueberry, of course.  I think about the family barbecues on Sunday afternoons when the whole family comes home.  I think that while they are there, all the sons will help dad with a construction project and the great lunch that’ll be prepared for them when they take a break.  And, I think about how long the barn has been there, who built it? what’s in it?  old cars?  animals?  garden stuff?  I like barns.   Some are falling apart,  some have animals and some are abandoned.  They tell a story without a book.

This weekend, as the snow was starting to melt, we went for a drive. It was a “warmer” 30 degree, sunny day.  This just seemed like the perfect day to take some pictures of the nearby red barns.


RedBarn5 RedBarn1 RedBarn3 RedBarn4