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I have tried over and over again to understand patterns for pillow cases. I don’t know why they are so confusing when they should be so easy. My sister told me about her method to sew her own pillow cases. These will fit a standard size pillow. Geez are these eeezy. This is what I’ve been looking for! You need one yard of fabric that is 44”-45” wide. I use 100% cotton or flannel. Fold this fabric right sides together lengthwise. Cut off the selvedge. Pin the right sides together at one end and the long side. Sew the bottom and the side. I use a ½” seam. Press open these seams. Fold under 1” on open, unstitched edge. Press. Fold under another 4”. Press. Top stitch close to edge. Top stitch again close to edge with the 1” fold through all thicknesses. Turn inside out. Press. Done. Some helpful hints. If you do not have a serger machine, use pinking shears to eliminate the raw edges from raveling. To preshrink the fabric wash and dry before sewing.

There are, of course, endless possibilities for these pillow cases. If you want to use them for a decorative pillow think of simple embellishments such as contrasting thread, decorative stitching, hand or machine embroidery, monograms, buttons, ribbons, hand-made or store-bought appliqué, ruffles and fabric paint.

This is a great first project for someone learning to sew. These are so quick, easy and inexpensive you’ll want to switch them out with every season or holiday. Always in style are stripes, polka dots, white on white and eyelet.