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I haven’t written in while.  I’ve been between jobs, trying to find my way after closing my flower shop in March.  The months have moved along even though I haven’t had anything planned on my daily calendar.

I’m out in the country again today.  It seems I spend a lot of time here enjoying my friend’s acres of solitude, taking pictures of the birds, flowers and butterflies.




Today is a sunny, breezy, mild day.  I can hear the wind chimes, birds and a farmer in the distance, plowing his fields…they never rest.

The apple tree has been feeding the deer and the Queen Anne’s Lace can be seen from 200 feet away because it’s as big as a dessert plate.

Hello Again Deer


I can’t believe it’s the middle of July, and we’re already seeing crayons and pencils in the stores for “back to school.”  What a bummer.  These summer months go so fast.  Starting with spring peepers.  Any excuse to eat ice cream.  Swimming all day long.  Bicycle rides.  Corn on the cob and homegrown tomatoes.  Fireflies and dragonflies.

I think I enjoy summer because I feel like a child again.  All of those things remind me of being a child without a care, without a job, without any responsibilities.  I wouldn’t trade it, I just like the memories.  And the ice cream.