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Every year I can’t wait for the winter thaw and the first warm day to listen to the spring peepers (tiny frogs).  I find even the tiniest puddle and it’s deafening.

The first chirp of birds before 5:30 a.m. has got to be my favorite. The sun isn’t up yet, my alarm is set so I can open a window.  I wait patiently, then finally, chirp.  Wait, wait, wait, chirp.  Then another, then back to the first,  I know the cardinal, the robin, another cardinal.  And, so it starts.

Then, I get excited about the crickets on hot summer nights.

Although it’s the end of September, as I sit here I am hearing a thunderstorm, crickets and locusts.

There are so many sounds that come with the summer but, I enjoy the “silence” of summer too.  There are a lot of things that come with summer that are quiet, peaceful and calming.butterflybush







Summer is over now for us in Ohio.  Soon we’ll get to experience the Silence of Fall.