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Last week when I was posting pictures of Ohio birds, I was thinking about what to plant this year to attract hummingbirds to my gardens.  I have a teeny-tiny yard, so I choose my plants wisely.

I have hummingbirds early in the season because they are attracted to my magnolia tree.  They frequent my perennials (plants that rebloom every year) my sweet peas, four-o’clocks, roses, baptisia and late in the season my Japanese anemones before migrating to the south.

My hummingbird garden is primarily reds, oranges and a lot of tubular flowers.  So I’m looking at planting annuals (plants that only bloom one year) such as petunias, zinnias, and begonias.

Hummer on MillionBells

Hummingbird on Million Bell Petunias

Hummer Lantana_edited-1

Hummingbird with Lantana

Hummer on Hydrangea

Hummingbird on Hydrangea

Humm and Garden Roses

Hummingbird on Roses

Hummer Zinnias1

Hummingbirds in Zinnia Garden

Hummer on Planter

Hummingbird on Patio Planter

But, let’s not forget hummingbird feeders attract them too.

Hummingbird CoN

Hummingbird on a feeder