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I live in the city.  My friend lives in the country.  I visit his house every chance I get.  He’s on 5 acres and is surrounded by farms.  It’s a quiet, simple life where he is.

The sun comes up earlier out here because the sky is bigger and there’s nothing to block the daylight from coming over the horizon.

Sunrise on the Farm

Sunrise on the farm


My city life is an hour away, I’m enjoying a cup of coffee, listening to the breeze blow the wind chimes and trying to identify the new bird sounds that I can’t remember from last year.

I’m wondering…will I see a grosbeak?  Will the Baltimore Orioles be back this weekend?  How many hummingbirds will come to the feeder?  The thirsty, early arrivals have been visiting for a couple of weeks already.

hummer1 (1)

Hummingbird at the feeder

Which finch feeder will get the most birds?  They’re waiting patiently on a limb for a chance to eat some seed.

Finches 6

American Goldfinches on the feeder

Have the bluebirds taken to the nesting boxes yet?


Bluebird at the nesting box


It’s always such an enjoyable visit in the country.  Makeup is optional.  Muck boots and camouflage pants are normal.  It’s quiet and sunny and warm and calming.  A much simpler life.