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Sulphur butterflies on my zinnias

Although we are knee deep in snow and record low temperatures this week here in Ohio, I’m getting anxious to start planning my summer gardens.  Last year was a great year for my zinnia gardens.


A colorful zinnia garden

I like zinnias because there are so many colors and they attract butterflies, bees, hummingbirds and finches.

Zinnias tolerate the heat and do well during dry weather.  This means they are a low maintenance plant that spare our natural resources.

Monarch butterfly on my zinnias

Rubythroat hummingbird on my zinnias

Black Swallowtail on my zinnias

Monarch butterfly on my zinnias

Late in the season, there are still a lot of buds coming out while the finches enjoy the older blooms.

Look close, you’ll see two finches and a hummingbird on these zinnias.